Open Letter to the NRA-PVF

Today, we need the voice of the NRA more than ever before. We need to defend the right of free men and women to keep and bear arms with every tool at our disposal. The opposition to this God given right grows louder with every event whose narrative they can twist to further their disarmament agenda.


As for politicians, it is no longer enough to just vote the right way on firearms legislation. It will take aggressive pro 2nd amendment stances and proactive legislation to further restore full rights to law abiding American men and women.


Sadly, the current interim Senator for the 2nd Senate District in Tennessee, Art Swann, has abdicated his basic responsibility for voting on several 2nd amendment bills. Present not voting IS voting against the 2nd amendment.


As a former Army Pilot and Disabled Veteran, I have proven my ability to fight for liberty for “We the People.” As an NRA member and Federal Firearms license holder, these issues are very near and dear to my heart.


I won’t simply just vote the right way on all firearms legislation, I will sponsor and co-sponsor all Firearm Freedoms bills. I will fight in committees vocally for the protection of the 2nd amendment. I will work with like-minded legislatures to further our protections and seek to convince those who don’t see the light to the righteousness of our cause.


You have a unique opportunity to endorse the strongest 2nd amendment advocate to the Tennessee legislature you could possibly have. That is why I am asking for your endorsement.




Scott P. Williams,

Candidate for State Senate

2nd District