Back in 1986, I was a Medevac Pilot in the Army. While stationed at Ft. Stewart Ga. we would fly to Brunswick Hospital several times a week to pick up young girls who were victims of botched abortions. We would fly them to Savannah Memorial where they had a higher level of medical care available. The argument over why Roe V Wade was important to win at the supreme court, safe and rare abortions, was then, and is now, a LIE. There are NO safe abortions. This needs to end. No matter how you couch it, murder is murder.

Walnut Creek: An ambulance was called to the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Walnut Creek, CA, on October 6, 2017, a known surgical abortion day. Witnesses described the woman as looking “upset” as she was bought out of the Planned Parenthood abortion building and loaded into an ambulance.