Common Core is just the latest iteration of a concerted effort by progressives to morph inculcation of knowledge into indoctrination of feelings.

It has a long pedigree stretching back to John Dewey the father of so called “modern education” back in the 30s tacking through B.F. Skinner’s behavior modification in the 60s.

In the 70s it was called portfolios then career tracks in the 80s. By the 90s OBE (Out Come Based education cause who could be against outcomes). Read Thomas Sowell’s columns in his archives to see more about that.

Then it was Goals 2000 which became No Child Left Behind. In its latest form it is Common Core.

Each time in the past parents got wind of its insidious implications and drove it back underground, only to have it re-emerge repackaged for another generation of parents too young to remember that last time it was tried.

It is time to get the Feds and the State out of education.

Let’s stop tying the hands of our teachers and let local parents decide what goes on in the schools they send THEIR kids too.

Florida School Ditches Common Core! Soars To Number One in State!