Art Swann voted to give instate tuition to Illegal Aliens.

What part of Illegal is hard to understand? Making Tennessee a magnet

for illegal aliens is not the answer.

Don’t be fooled by the bills summary on the left , it’s part of the Nashville swamps

games. It is Senate Amendment #2 that changes the bill to allow instate tuition

it’s broader scope.


Art Swann voted to allow UT to hide investment details in the Cayman Islands. Taxpayer money and no transparency? What could go wrong with that?

The excuse that fund managers won’t take the investment unless they can keep their outrageous fees secret rings hollow. It’s our money they are playing with, they don’t have that kind of luxury.

Help send me to Nashville our swamp needs some draining too.


Art Swann Voted for a 30% Gas Tax increase when the state already had a 2 Billion Dollar Surplus AND he voted for Haslam budgets that took 200 Million a year away from TDOT to be dumped into the general fund. Nearly 1.4 Billion in misdirected funds.

Sorry Art you don’t get to cry poverty when the money was misspent and you had a budget surplus to boot, over-taxation is not just plain wrong, it’s soft tyranny.

Art Swann Voted against children with disabilities to have their own Individual Education Accounts (IEA). These accounts would have provided funds for the parents to utilize in an alternative education setting that would greatly benefit the child. The funds would have been a simple (and only partial) redirection from what the state was already spending for their education.


Art Swann was MIA (Missing in Action) on your right to defend yourself in parks and on Green Belts. So much for the 2nd Amendment.


Art Swann voted to pile state EPA regulations on top of Federal ones on post construction. What part of too much government does Art not get?